The presidential candidates at a debate in June 2013
The presidential candidates at a debate in June 2013

JUCĂREȘTI, 20 August 2013 – Shock on the streets of Jucărești, Arkudiopolis, Culinar and other main cities as an unexpected result was announced by the Central Electoral Committee earlier today, in a press conference in which all main Juclandian mass media took part. As anyone was preparing for Ovia Bogi to swear the oath and become the fourth President of Juclandia on the 23rd of August 2013, an upheaval of situation took place, and Gori Jucărescu was declared winner of the elections with 51.16% of the votes, at a difference of 4 votes with the runner up Ovia Bogi.

This is ridiculous. I really think someone messed up with the votes, as all of my co-operative have voted with Bogi. Everyone in Juclandia wants a change after 3 years with Gori and Pisica in power. I know practically nobody who voted for the two decrepits!

– Aniușka Utlinoveva, Jucărești inhabitant and member of Truda co-op

This election was a complete farse, and the government was completely incompetent in organising a fair election. I do not think that this election was fair because Jucărescu won, and nobody likes him anymore. He is a historical figure and all that, but it’s time we elect a new person for the job, a modern one.

– Pomoșel Orman, Culinar inhabitant and member of Voiteies co-op

I’m very happy myself for the outcome of the elections. I’m quite saddened that Gori’s detractors can’t simply accept the fact that a majority of Juclandians still want him to continue as President. He did good things for Juclandia, and he helped to keep a balance between the opposition and the government. I think the people of Juclandia are still not prepared for the radical politics of the left-of-center alliance.

– Arcudiu Eglisopol, Jucărești inhabitant and member of Briviba co-op

As one could see, the opinion on the streets is very divided. But how could it be different? A historical figure like Gori, who has stayed in power for so long, cannot do anything but become, at a certain point, divisive. What is important to keep in mind is that, at a certain time, Gori and Pisica will retire, and their legacy will be written forever in the history books of Juclandia. It’s up to them if this legacy will be a positive or a negative thing.

Faced with accusations of incompetence in managing the elections, Teddy Populescu has retired from public appearances in the last days and has refused to talk to Scânteia’s reporters.

As Gori and Pisica are preparing to swear the oath for a fourth term on the 23rd of August, there is still pressure on the streets. Some analysts predict that for a short time, riots will break out against Gori’s re-election, but in the end, everyone will accept the outcome: after all, the transparency of the elections and the fact that they were organised by a government opposed to Gori Jucărescu only show that they were nothing but fair and free, at the disgust of Gori’s detractors.


Total registered voters: 189. Total votes cast: 172. Voter turnout: 91.01%
Total valid votes: 172. Total invalid votes: 0.

  • Gori Jucărescu (running mate: Pisica Democrescu); endorsed by INDEPENDENT: 88 votes and 51.16% of the valid votes;
  • Ovia Bogi (running mate: Bestia Reformescu); endorsed by PSCD, AL, PCJ: 84 votes and 48.83% of the valid votes.