Gori Jucărescu is running for re-election. He has been dubbed by left-wing media "The Eternal One".
After serving as President from 2010 to 2014, Gori Jucărescu is now set to become the country’s next Prime Minister.

JUCĂREȘTI, 26 December 2015 – The Great National Assembly voted today on the final composition of Gori Jucărescu’s cabinet, who was selected last week by the FRU, the FUP and the FRD parliamentary majority as Teddy Populescu’s successor. Breaking with the tradition set forth by Populescu, Juclandia’s new cabinet will have members from all three political parties of the country, but no independent will serve as minister. Populescu implemented the idea of ‘national unity government’ last November, when he appointed a Cabinet made up of ministers from all four political groups in Juclandia’s parliament – this time the independents were left outside.

Juclandia’s 2015 Constitution limits the powers of the Prime Minister and gives a lot of power to a collective structure called ‘the Council of Ministers’, which is made up of the prime minister, the deputy prime minister and the ministers serving in the Royal Government of Juclandia, the country’s executive body.  As a result, the Prime Minister no longer appoints his ministers, but they are elected separately and individually by the Great National Assembly, the national parliament.

After having signed the Royal Decree concerning the resignation of the Prime Minister, thereby officially recognising Teddy Populescu’s resignation, President Ovia Bogi summoned the Great National Assembly to elect a new Council of Minister, after the parliament informally agreed to appoint Gori Jucărescu as Prime Minister in a short session before Christmas Eve.

Today’s session, which lasted over 6 hours, managed to provide Juclandia with an all-star Cabinet, a first in Juclandia’s history. Out of 10 CoM members, 6 are former Prime Ministers and all of them have strong experience in government, dating back to pre-2008 times. The Council of Ministers that is due to take office on the 1st of January looks as follows:

Office Name Party
Prime Minister Gori Jucărescu FRU
Deputy Prime Minister Roșioara Pramone FUP
Minister of Internal Affairs and Justice Bestia Reformescu FRU
Minister of Finance and Planning Braun Novac FUP
Minister of Economy and Commerce Teddy Populescu FUP
Minister of Health and Social Affairs Ursu Viselinschi FUP
Minister of Education, Culture and Sports Pisica Democrescu FRU
Minister of Civil Affairs and Communications Iepurica Democrescu FRU
Minister of Transports and Infrastructure Leo Libereanu FRD
Minister of Environment, Tourism and Agriculture Semiluna Factos FRU

Juclandians in parliament expressed high hopes about the all-star Cabinet. And indeed, Gori Jucărescu and his team enjoy massive support from the Great National Assembly. It is now up to them to improve Juclandia’s politics and economy and restart the failed projects of Teddy Populescu’s government, especially when it comes to culture and history.