Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu will finally be Juclandia's leaders starting November.
Ovia Bogi (left) and Cocolino Jucărescu have resigned to force a snap presidential election. They will most probably run for re-election.

JUCĂREȘTI, 10 June 2016 – The Council of Ministers adopted today an executive order setting the date of this year’s general elections as 10 July 2010, the earliest limit that article 58 of the Constitution permits (article 58 says that general elections can be organised between 10 July and 10 August in a given year). While elections for the Council of State were already planned to be held this July, as they are mandated by the Constitution, presidential elections shouldn’t have been held until 2017, as Ovia Bogi was elected for a two-year term in 2015.

Last night, Ovia Bogi publicly announced her resignation on Télé, Juclandia’s public teleivision channel. Juclandians were initially shocked by the announcement, as she didn’t announce the reasoning behind her resignation, releasing only a brief statement about her intention to resign this 23 August. However, in an interview later on Radio Jucărești, she announced that she has no intention of giving up the presidential office, her resignation being a way to force a snap presidential election. A snap election, she said, was necessary in order to move presidential elections to even, rather than odd years. Most of Juclandia’s federal citizenry will become inactive starting this autumn, as they move to pursue university studies (the King himself included). In such a situation, it will probably be very difficult to organise elections in 2017. Postponing these elections to 2018 is a way for the government to delay having to deal with such a situation.

Reacting to Bogi’s resignation statement, Prime Minister Gori Jucărescu summoned the Council of Ministers in an emergency meeting this morning, where they adopted an executive order regarding this year’s general elections, which are to be organised on the 10th of July. Gori Jucărescu said that forcing elections on the earliest possible date ensures that the elections will be organised in the best environment. The electoral register has already been printed, with ballots and other electoral materials being printed after 17 June, the last possible date to nominate candidates for the election.

It is expected that Ovia Bogi will run for re-election along with her incumbent Vice President, Cocolino Jucărescu. The United Revolutionary Front has yet to announce any candidate, while the Democratic Renewal Front will only take part in the Council of State election, fielding no presidential candidate. No independents have expressed interest for the presidency.

A poll by Juclandia’s Statistics Institute will be released next week, when at least two candidates will have put forward their nominations.