JUCĂREȘTI, 10 July 2016 – General elections for the Presidency of Juclandia and the Council of State are being held today in the Kingdom.

UPDATE – 02:30 The Central Electoral Committee published the provisional results of the elections. It seems that Ovia Bogi won from the first round, as expected, while one constituency is still being disputed between a Popular Unity Front candidate (the party’s President Benjamin Kytsou) and a United Revolutionary Front candidate (former PM Leopold Jucărescu).

UPDATE – 17:35 New updates from the Central Electoral Committee

UPDATE – 16:05 Ovia Bogi voted at the Central Polling Station accompanied by her friends.

UPDATE – 14:45 Gori Jucărescu voted at the Central Polling Station accompanied by his wife and friends.

9 July 2016 The Central Electoral Committee prepared all the materials needed for a transparent and democratic election.