Juclandia's one-month long extravaganza is an yearly event.
Juclandia’s one-month long extravaganza is an yearly event.

JUCĂREȘTI, 23 August 2016 – Juclandia celebrates today 8 years since it voted to declare its independence from Romania and 6 years since it was declared a constitutional monarchy. The day of 23 August, which is Juclandia’s national holiday, is the beginning of an almost one month of parties and celebrations, which will end on 10 September, when Juclandia will celebrate its 15th years old anniversary.

Initially launched as a temporary project in 2015, the almost one-month long holiday is an idea initially belonging to Teddy Populescu, Juclandia’s former Prime Minister and incumbent Minister of the Economy. Populescu suggested that a month-long holiday for Juclandians would increase happiness in the country and productivity in the national economy. According to provisional economic data for 2015, productivity almost doubled in the months after the August-September 2015 holiday, and Gori Jucărescu’s government decided to transform the event into a regular activity that should gradually become part of Juclandian culture.

Juclandia’s Royal Government planned various cultural, artistic and sports events for the next weeks of the extravaganza, and the total budget intended to be spent on it is in excess of JŁ45,000, which is more than 15% of Juclandia’s total state budget. Taking into account the separate events organised by the country’s 12 co-operatives, Juclandians will spend together more than a hundred thousand lei on this extraordinary event.

During the extravaganza, most shops in the country are closed (apart from the Libreta commercial center, which is open two hours a day from Monday to Friday), and all work-related activities are reduced to the necessary minimum. While there is no law regulating the one-month holiday, it has become customary for all Juclandian co-0peratives and government agencies to respect it and actively participate in it. It is however expected that the government will propose a bill to the Great National Assembly in order to regulate and better manage the extravaganzas of the next years.

It is not yet known what role the extravaganza will play in Juclandia’s culture and mentality, but the creator of the event, Juclandia’s economy minister Populescu, hopes that the one-month-long holiday will be accepted by Juclandians as part of their identity, just like carnivals in Brazil or strikes in France.