Telenot will replace three separate state-owned media outlets

JUCĂREȘTI, 20 December 2016 – In a bid to reinvigorate Juclandia’s media services, Gori Jucărescu’s government approved on Sunday morning a reform plan for the state-owned media services, among them Teleradio Juclandia, Scânteia News Agency, the international edition of the Scânteia newspaper and the Landmedia News Agency.

In the first comprehensive reform of this news service in the past 6 years, the international edition of Scânteia, Juclandia’s only state-owned newspaper, ceased to exist on 20 December 2016 at 16:00 Jucărești Time. With it, the Scânteia News Agency, which provided wire services from Juclandia to the rest of the world in English, and the Landmedia News Agency, which provided international news to Juclandia’s media outlets, also ceased to exist. All of them have been replaced by Telenot, an independent wire service which is provided with funding by the central government but is intended to become an independent co-operative of journalists. At the same time, Telenot’s English service (namely, this website) will change its editorial policy to better reflect its new status as a wire service instead of an international newspaper of the Juclandian Government. Editorials and op-eds will be however published and various opinions and voices within Juclandia will be promoted exclusively through such op-eds.

Telenot.jc, the agency’s full brand name, stands as an abbreviation for “Telegraphic Notes of Juclandia”. Along with its creation, it is also expected that Scânteia’s domestic Romanian-language edition will either be privatised or dismantled, in a bid to remove any possible government interference with the country’s press freedom.

Along with Telenot’s creation, a reorganisation of Teleradio Juclandia, the country’s public broadcasting service, was also implemented. Juclandia 1, Juclandia 2 and Juclandia info were disbanded, to be replaced with a single public television service called Télé. At the same time, Radio Juclandia will become Radio Jucărești and is envisioned to broadcast both in English and in Romanian, with possible limited services in French, Spanish and German.

The media reform in Juclandia has been discussed for the past two months and was implemented today as an initial step towards the adoption of a National Culture Act in the Great National Assembly, expected to be debated and voted on by New Year. While the Culture Act will be a law adopted by the Great National Assembly, the reforms implemented today only required approval by the Council of Ministers.