Gori Jucărescu has been Juclandia’s Prime Minister since January 2016. He previously served as President from 2010 to 2014 and as Prime Minister from 2006 to 2008.

For the past three years, Juclandia has followed President Ovia Bogi’s policy of isolationism. According to her statements, the Kingdom of Juclandia is better off focusing on her domestic affairs and only keeping in touch with our close friends. But I say that the time has come for us to get involved with the community again, just like in the old days of my presidency.

Ever since 2014, Juclandia has experienced tremendous changes in our foreign and domestic policies. We now have a different Constitution, a different party system, a different political philosophy, we are indeed a direct democracy and our economy is a thousand times better than it was in 2013. Moreover, our online presence is more widespread than ever and under my Prime Ministerial term, Juclandia has embraced the power and utility of modern technology and the Internet.

At the same time, we have adopted a policy of strong isolationism – our affairs are nobody else’s but our own, and it is not our job to involve with other micronations. We haven’t signed a new treaty of mutual recognition in more than three years, and even though the old treaties of mutual recognition are in place, many of their provisions are obsolete and are not applicable anymore in 2017. Not the smallest effort has been put in trying at least to refresh these treaties of mutual recognition, without which we would lose even the friends that we still have, from a legal point of view at least. And while this isolationism has permitted Sabia and Verona to become an independent country, rather than a mere overseas province of Juclandia (and I admit that my imperialist ambitions from 2012 were a mistake, and they did not contribute to our national development in any way), we have ignored the huge potential our co-operation with our Sabian brothers and sisters can have. We must push this co-operation to its full potential, but so far we are fearful to even think of anything that may or may not happen outside Juclandia’s borders.

The world outside is burning and we’re busy drinking coffee and playing games. We fail to see that our ‘little paradise’, as President Bogi likes to put it, can only exist because we find ourselves surrounded by a liberal democratic order. Our national pride, our national values and indeed our Constitution are only possible because we are surrounded by free macronations. Yet we cannot be sure that this condition is eternal – people fought for this, and we need to keep fighting to defend not only our national sovereignty, but also the world order that makes our existence possible. While it is true that our culture is very different from the Western culture we are surrounded by, many fundamentals of our culture and our political system have their roots in the same Western system that we like to mock and belittle so much.

For the past three years we self-indulged in pleasure and luxury, and we fought tirelessly to improve our own country. And as I said earlier, Juclandia is indeed a much better country than it was in 2014. But the mistakes we’ve done, the lessons we’ve learned and the principles that we are nurturing cannot be kept selfishly to ourselves. We have to share them, to promote them, to engage debate with them.

It is time for Juclandia to take her head out of the sand and start involving herself with the intermicronational community again. The drift towards right-wing and left-wing extremism is worrying, and our culture, our values and our principles can help others moderate their own discourse. We are a nation of balance and we ought to help others balance themselves. Remaining a deplorable hermit is no longer an option.