JUCĂREȘTI, 14 February 2017  – Juclandia’s Council of Ministers released today to the wider public a short communiqué concerning the official foreign relations doctrine, called “10 principles on Juclandia’s international involvement”. Telenot decided to present this release without any additional commentary.




Re: 10 principles on Juclandia’s international involvement

The Royal Government of Juclandia, in accordance with the tendency that the country has been experiencing in the past two months with regards to our change of foreign policy from isolationism towards engagement, hereby proclaims the following points to be guiding principles and the established doctrine of our foreign engagement:

  1. The Kingdom of Juclandia is a micronation, and so are the countries with which we enter into foreign relations with. In this aspect, we will keep a policy of realism: every micronation is a reflection of the political ideas, values and principles of its respective members and citizens. A micronation is thus the embodiment of the politics of its citizens, a truly freely-formed politically-homogeneous community.
  2. In keeping with the policy of realism, the Kingdom of Juclandia will refuse to recognise any ‘wars’ and ‘conflicts’ between micronations. If anything, the inter-micronational conflicts are temporary conflicts between the individuals that form the micronation, as espoused in point 1.
  3. The Kingdom of Juclandia, as a member state of the Federal Union of Juclandian Lands, considers the other member of this Union, the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona, as a sister nation to which we are linked by history, culture, common values and the legal treaties that form the Union.
  4. The Kingdom of Juclandia will engage in mutual diplomatic relations with other micronations. The diplomatic relations must first start with a short bilateral declaration of mutual recognition. The Kingdom of Juclandia does not believe in excessive bureaucracy (but neither does it believe in no bureaucracy at all), and thus all bilateral or multilateral treaties and declarations must be short and concise, signed and ratified according to the laws and rules of every individual micronation.
  5. Any declaration of mutual recognition between Juclandia and another micronation should extend to the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona as well, per the Alios Agreement. Mutually, the Kingdom expects that any declaration of mutual recognition signed by the Kingdom of Sabia and Verona is to be extended to Juclandia as well.
  6. The Kingdom of Juclandia condemns any involvement in the internal affairs of other micronations, and likewise it expects other micronations to not involve in its own internal affairs. Constructive criticism of our domestic policy is however more than welcome, and Juclandia itself reserves its right to provide constructive criticism to those micronations it finds itself in diplomatic relations with, in the spirit of true friendship based on sincerity and co-operation.
  7. The Kingdom of Juclandia openly condemns drifts towards the extreme-right or to the extreme-left. In line with our national values, we reserve our right to not engage in mutual relations with micronations that openly espouse these views. Less extreme views with which we may not agree with are however unaffected by this – it is the opinion of the Kingdom of Juclandia, as reiterated in point 1, that micronations are instruments and embodiments of the political ideas of their citizens. As such, micronations must however abide to the laws of their macronations. For example, while a micronation may support the death penalty, it is objectively impossible to apply it in a micronational context, being just a mere representation of the set of political values that the citizens of that particular micronation espouse.
  8. In line with our foreign policy and our membership in the Grand Unified Micronational, the Kingdom of Juclandia will not engage in diplomatic relations with micronations that were founded with the aim of trolling, micronations that behave in an unprofessional way, declaring ‘war’ on other micronations or making claims that cannot be backed by facts, or micronations that are unwilling to improve and abide to the standards set by the wider micronational community.
  9. The Kingdom of Juclandia expects that all bilateral or multilateral dialogue will be based on good intentions, co-operation, serious proposals, honesty, blunt behaviour and mutual understanding of differences. We do not condone mutual dialogue based on extreme political correctness, nor do we condone dialogue based on trolling, insults and disregard of the facts (in the name of ‘alternative facts’).
  10. The political, economic, religious and cultural values of the Kingdom of Juclandia are part of our identity and are paramount to our existence as a country. We respect the values of other micronations and we expect that our values will be equally respected. While we do not believe that our culture is superior to other cultures, we will certainly be offensive towards those that regard our culture as ‘inferior’, and we will not appreciate at all those who appropriate Juclandia’s long-held cultural establishment while making a mockery of it.


Approved by the King of Juclandia
according to Article 74 of the Constitution