Juclandia’s all-star Gori Jucărescu cabinet, initially sworn in two years ago, has been reappointed for a new two-year term, after the Great National Assembly decided to re-elect all ministers to their respective offices in an extraordinary session before the New Year.

One significant change is the abolition of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Communications and its replacement with a brand new Ministry of Digital Affairs, as a result of a law passed in December 2017. Iepurica Democrescu will remain in cabinet as a minister under the new portfolio.

At the same time, two ministries had their names changed: the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure became the Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, and the Ministry of the Environment, Agriculture and Tourism became the Ministry of Environmental and Food Security. The Prime Minister argued that the new names better reflect the actual duty of the two ministries, the latter of which transferred all its tourism duty to the Economy Ministry in autumn 2016.

All the ministers kept their respective posts, after having delivered activity reports before the Great National Assembly.

Gori Jucărescu was sworn in before the King in the Royal Embassy of Juclandia, whereas the other ministers were sworn in before the President of the Council of Justice, Moș Crăciun, in Jucărești. It is expected that both Gori Jucărescu and Ovia Bogi will return to mainland Juclandia by June 2018, having spent most of 2017 in the Royal Embassy.