Statute of the Pragma adopted in first step towards reform

The Statute of the Juclandian Pragma has been adopted by the Great National Assembly in a ceremonial session on Tuesday.

The day, September 10th, marked the 18th anniversary of the founding of Juclandia as the Country of Toys in 2001. The Great National Assembly adopted the Statute by acclamation and it took effect the same day.

The Statute makes the Juclandian Pragma a separate entity from the Juclandian Republic and regulates both its institutions and its relationship with the Republic and the macronational world. The Statute is supposed to take precedence over both the Constitution of 2015 and the Declaration of Independence of 2008.

The Statute stipulates that the Juclandian Pragma is formed as a permanent body of the totality of Juclandia’s national citizens (plush toys). It enshrines the nature of the Great National Assembly as the parliamentary embodiment of the Pragma. Legally, this means that the Great National Assembly is now an institution of both the Pragma and the Republic.

Contrary to most other Juclandian legislation, the Statute has been drafted in English, which is now one of the three official languages of the Pragma, along Romanian and French. This means that the Constitution of the Republic should also be modified to recognise French and English as co-official languages alongside Romanian.

The Statute also creates the office of the Custodian of the Pragma, which is tasked with directing and protecting the integrity of the Pragma. In order to better coordinate with macronational law, the Custodian is also recognised as the legal owner of the plush toys constituting the Pragma. Since the Custodian is chosen for life and the office is transferred through designation of a successor by the incumbent, the Statute also complies with macronational succession and property law.

Ciprian, the Head of State of the Republic, also took office yesterday as Custodian of the Pragma. For the time being, the offices will remain separate, which means that the Head of State of the Republic and the Custodian of the Pragma can be two different people. However, both persons must be humans. With this occasion, at the request of the Head of State, the Great National Assembly also suspended Article 84(2) of the Constitution, which effectively means that the title of King has been abolished as a form of address to the Head of State.

More reforms will be implemented over time, but the entire calendar has been postponed, given difficulties in deciding over the future nature of the Republic as well as the role of the Free State of Lenia, the human-citizens side of Juclandia.

For the time being, diplomatic relations will continue to be conducted in the name of the Republic and through the Head of State of the Republic, which shall be now known simply as ‘Head of the Republic’.

The text of the Statute of the Pragma will be published later this week on the website of Juclandia.


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