Statement by the Transitional Council of National Salvation

On 6 November 2021, the Great National Assembly, as sovereign body of Juclandia, assembled in an extraordinary session in the capital city of Jucărești in order to assess the presence of existential threats to the integrity and continuity of the Juclandian Pragma.

The Great National Assembly decided to suspend parts of the Constitution of the Juclandian Republic, as amended in 2017, by a vote of 87 to 70. The Council of State and the Council of Ministers were dissolved and replaced with a Transitional Council of National Salvation, composed of 7 members.

The Transitional Council of National Salvation is led by Patriarch Bartholomeos II as President, seconded by Semiluna Factos as Deputy President. The other five members are Fram Jucărescu, Ursu Viselinschi, Anca Avici, Arici Democrescu, and Leon Jucărescu.

The Great National Assembly has delegated the constitutional powers of the Council of State and of the Council of Ministers to the Transitional Council of National Salvation until 23 August 2022. The Transitional Council is tasked with the speeding up of the drafting process of the new Constitution, as well as the identification of strategies that could annihilate existential threats to the existence of the Juclandian people.


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