The Great National Assembly Establishes Temporary Institutions and Names New Cabinet

The Great National Assembly has authorised today two decrees concerning the establishment of temporary institutions of government, as well as the naming of a new cabinet headed by Ovia Bogi, after a two-month hiatus in which it was unable to meet to approve any new legislation.

The Bogi Cabinet, the first to be headed by the former President and veteran leader of the Popular Front and Liberals group (formerly the Popular Unity Front), keeps with the tradition of consensus-based cabinets representing all political groups in the Great National Assembly. Four seats will be occupied by the Popular Front and Liberals group, three by the United Revolutionary Front, and one each by the Moderate Group and by the Grey Area.

An additional decree reinstated the Constitution of 2015, after several attempts to draft a new Constitution for Juclandia ended in failure. The effort to draft a new Constitution has been put on hold, priority being given to the management of current affairs and slowly building up the dual Pragma-Republic nature of Juclandia, which was first created in 2019 but was severely weakened during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Assembly act establishing the Transitional Council of National Salvation was abolished.

Ovia Bogi declared after the inauguration ceremony that the main mission of her cabinet will be to ‘unfreeze’ Juclandia after some difficult years during which the country essentially stopped functioning. She expressed her hope that the Juclandian community has finally reached a point where it can engage in the process of rebuilding and further innovating its structure and role.

Juclandia has furthermore experienced a significant loss of federal (human) citizens, as a result of several deaths as well as loss of contact.


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