Gori Jucărescu, Juclandia’s long-serving Prime Minister, has presented his resignation today, after the Central Electoral Commission released the results of the first round of the presidential election, which was won by anti-establishment candidate Kusch Niedlich.

Niedlich is now considered by some as favourite for the second round, in what would be the first electoral defeat of President Ovia Bogi since 2013, when she lost the second round of the presidential election to Gori Jucărescu. Since those elections, Bogi and Jucărescu went on to create a new party system and lead the most powerful parties in Juclandia’s new political system, the left-wing Popular Unity Front, and the right-wing United Revolutionary Front.

The anti-establishment Niedlich, a Senator of Juclandia since 2015, founded a new political association called “the Grey Area”, on whose ticket he run along with ex-FRU leader Adam Banici, seen by many as successor to Gori Jucărescu to the post of Prime Minister. Banici’s unexpected defection from the United Revolutionary Front left his former colleagues startled, and it took them more than one month to find a successor for the young politician.

While Niedlich was expected to qualify for a run-off against Bogi, it was not foreseen that he would come out on top. All opinion polls conducted before the elections would put him at approximately 2-3 percentage points behind Bogi, with the common FRU-FRD candidate Koala Jucărescu, personally endorsed by PM Gori Jucărescu, a distant third with around a quarter of the votes.


The second round, to be organised on 19 August 2019, a week later than initially planned and just four days away from the inauguration day (23 August), will now constitute the main theme of concern for Juclandia’s future. Niedlich political platform causes concerns among political circles, as he openly attacked the Church and the Army and argued for a “secular, non-militarised state”. And while his movement has 30 members, the 58 votes he received stand as proof that more citizens find his proposals attractive.

Ovia Bogi has not been available to comment since the election results were published. After having announced his resignation, Gori Jucărescu has also announced his endorsement of Bogi for the second round. Ursache Libereanu, the defeated running mate of Koala Jucărescu and leader of the pro-Church Democratic Renewal Front, has refused to make any endorsements but stressed that the Church of Juclandia cannot be separated from the Republic, “as they are both central institutions of Juclandia’s identity and soul”.