Drafting of New Constitution Blocked by Division over Church Role

The Constitutional Drafting Committee of the Great National Assembly suspended its activity for two weeks today, after members showed sharp division over the role the Church of Juclandia will play in the future Republic.

A majority of the Popular Unity Group and the Grey Area factions in the Great National Assembly voiced strong support in favour of declaring Juclandia a secular republic, a provision which would break with the past 13 years, in which the Church of Juclandia has been serving as the country’s national church.

The Moderate Group, strongly associated with the Church of Juclandia and which counts Patriarch Bartholomeos among its members, convinced the leadership of the United Revolutionary Front to support its efforts to uphold the constitutional role of the Chruch of Juclandia, at least on a symbolic level.

Prime Minister Gori Jucărescu, the leader of the United Revolutionary Front, opposes any attempts to remove the Chruch of Juclandia from the future constitutional draft and threatened to block the draft in the Council of State, where a two-third majority is needed for the draft to move further to a vote in the full Great National Assembly.

President Adam Banici, leader of the Grey Area, is the main face of the secular camp, whereas ex-president Ovia Bogi, the leader of the Popular Unity Group, has so far remained silent on the subject. Bogi is however known to have supported secular positions in the past, and is the main person behind the creation of the Secular Association of Juclanda in 2015.


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